Issy is a writer & editor based in Sydney, Australia with an interest in Australian social politics, climate change, gender issues and history. 

She is an editor at the Meridian Magazine and A Little Insight, a Columnist at Tharunka UNSW, writer at Floresta Magazine and freelance writer. 


twitter @goldingissy


Memes, Misogyny and Medusa (and other Classic Tales of Twitter Trolls)

Mimēma, ‘that which is imitated'. A Greek word taking on a classic trend of incorporating memorable tales of terror and distraction. Western culture has a long-standing issue with strong women. Portraying women as strong often results in painting them as the villain to man, such as the iconic Medusa, an antagonist from Greek mythology. This has been seen throughout modern western history, and as the wealth and availability of political imagery have grown, thanks to the likes of Twitter and Instagram, this has only been expedite
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